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Tim Curry Is Perfectly Happy Fox’s Rocky Horror Remake Is Doing the Time Warp Again (Again)

Sure, you might’ve gotten the shivers — and not the good kind — when you heard that Fox is remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a taped TV movie, but Tim Curry, who will narrate this version and played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the original, is here to say everything will be okay. When asked if he gave the remake his “unconditional endorsement” at a Television Critics Association panel, Curry replied, “I do indeed.” Contrary to the now-popular model of live TV musicals, Fox’s Rocky Horror is a taped production, though it does include an audience that responds to the onscreen action, as seen in the latest trailer. The producers also touted the vocal talents of Laverne Cox, who plays Frank-N-Furter. “According to Fox it was one of the great screen tests that had ever come back to them,” director Ken Ortega told the crowd.

But of course, there was also some humor from Curry, who responded to a question about Frank-N-Furter being his “enduring legacy” with the quip, “There’s not a lot I can do.”

Tim Curry Endorses Fox’s Rocky Horror