Tom Cruise Salary Talks Halt Mission: Impossible 6 Preproduction, But at Least They’re Figuring It Out Now Before He’s Clinging to a Plane

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It must be hard to haggle with an actor who will literally hang from the outside of a flying aircraft for your franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Cruise and Paramount are allegedly locked in a disagreement over his paycheck for Mission: Impossible 6, which was scheduled to start production in January 2017. The dispute has to do in part with Cruise’s back-end participation. The actor is allegedly hoping to “match or exceed” what he’s making from Universal’s The Mummy, in which Tom Cruise apparently fights an actual mummy summoned back from the land of the dead, or would for the obscene kind of money he’s probably making.

Tom Cruise Salary Talk Halts M:I 6 Preproduction