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Trevor Noah Knows Vuvuzelas Sound Terrible, But He’s Here to Defend Them

Are Brazilian crowds too noisy at sporting events? At the 2014 FIFA Men’s World Cup, viewers could barely hear the games over the leafblower-like buzz of vuvuzelas. Now, two years later, Brazilian fans are again in the news for being too noisy, this time at the Olympics, where they have raucously cheered during traditionally quiet events. This year, though, Brazilians have a South African defender on U.S. television. On last night’s The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah argued that Brazilians “were responsible vuvuzela blowers before the rest of the world came,” and that foreign vuvuzela-playing is just “[a]nother example of white people appropriating black music.” All of which sounds about right. 

Trevor Noah Is Here to Defend Vuvuzelas