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Under the Shadow Trailer: Beware the Malevolent Spirit in Your Rag Doll

Back in February, we previewed ten of the year’s must-see indie horror films, and now, one of the most celebrated on the list has just gotten an official trailer. From Iranian director Babak Anvari, Under the Shadow tells the story of a mother and child who live in Tehran and must endure not only the Iran-Iraq War coming to their front door, but also a terrifying spirit called a djinn infiltrating their home. Netflix bought the streaming rights to Shadow before it even premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past January, and it’s been compared to Australian import The Babadook from 2014. Both films seem to turn a protected domestic safe space into a prison of paranoia, as an invisible demonic oppressor threatens to destroy the people who live in it. This one will be about twisting your nerves and keeping you guessing, not about throwing apparitions out of corners to startle you. And seeing local lore brought to life in horror films from different parts of the world is always a welcome treat.

Under the Shadow Trailer: Terror in Tehran