You’ve Never Loved Anything As Much As the U.S. Swim Team Loves Carpool Karaoke

Can you believe four years have gone by? While the U.S. National Swim Team was all about calling people, maybe, in London, they are nothing if not with the times. Four years later, they’re equipped with GoPro cameras, a better video editor, and much more commitment in this “Carpool Karaoke” video (sorry, James Corden) where they drive out in a fleet of nine cars singing at the top of their lungs. So what are the swimmers jamming out to when they aren’t listening to the swoosh of chlorine? They run the gamut of songs that have captured the American imagination, from Fifth Harmony to the Zac Brown Band, Justin Bieber to Cheap Trick, Flo Rida to the Pokémon theme song, and they bring it home with Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the U.S.A.” because that song is timeless, dammit.

The U.S. Swim Team Does Carpool Karaoke