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USA Orders Skull and Bones Period Drama The Tap, Stupidly Tells Everyone About It

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Rob Reiner.

USA, not realizing that Yale’s secret-society scene was already depicted perfectly in that one Gossip Girl episode, has pre-tapped The Tap. The network ordered a pilot for the 1969-set period drama, which will center on Skull and Bones, the secret society that counts the Bushes among its alumni. Executive produced by Rob Reiner and Royal Pains’s Andrew Lenchewski, the drama follows three students, “self-consciously conservative” Jay, “strong-minded feminist” Michelle, and Gloria, “who’d prefer to focus on her education rather than involve herself in racial politics.” The university first admitted women in 1969, but Skull and Bones didn’t start letting women into its tomb until the early 1990s — though, of course, nobody really knows anything about the society, so if The Tap puts Gloria and Michelle in Bones, who’s to correct them?

USA Orders Yale Skull and Bones Pilot The Tap