Vin Diesel Is Reportedly the Rock’s ‘Candy Ass’ Fast 8 Co-star

Actors not shown to scale. Photo: Universal Pictures

Who was the Rock referring to in his infamous Instagram post complaining about “candy ass” co-stars in the upcoming Fast 8? Though the internet would have loved to believe it was Scott Eastwood, TMZ is reporting that the offending actor was none other than Vin Diesel, the unofficial patriarch of the Furious family. Diesel is one of the producers of the eighth installment in the long-running franchise, and anonymous sources say he “has made decisions that didn’t sit well with the former wrestling champ.” After the call-out went viral, TMZ reports that the two men met on set Tuesday for a balder version of the Camp David Accords — though it’s unclear whether the attempt to clear the air worked, or if with a week and a half of shooting left, the tensions are still as swole as their deltoids.

Vin Diesel Is the Rock’s ‘Candy Ass’ Co-star