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Walton Goggins Has a Horrifying Story About Losing His Teeth

After hearing Walton Goggins’s upsetting, traumatic tooth-loss tale, you are going to wake up every morning and kiss each and every one one of your teeth in gratitude. Goggins, who co-stars on Vice Principals , told his horrible story on Conan last night. His trials and tribulations will make you thank your lucky tooth you didn’t have your chompers knocked out by a baseball, nor did you have a doctor jam them back into your gums. You didn’t even lose them again when you hit your head in a pool. Walton Goggins lost his teeth twice before it took. The moral of the story is, not everyone deserves their teeth. Do you deserve your teeth? Take some time and tell your teeth how much you love them, today.

Walton Goggins Explains How He Lost His Teeth