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Britney Spears Shares Her Hopes, Dreams, and Knowledge of Tickling Fetishes on Carpool Karaoke

As its best, Carpool Karaoke is like brunch (for people who appreciate brunch): fun and therapeutic. Britney Spears’s Carpool Karaoke ride was awfully light on Spears’s karaoke — even for a segment that de rigueur gives James Corden more than his half of the vocal limelight — but it played like a really pleasant brunch. Britney and James (brunch is a first-name game) gushed about their children, shared their hopes and dreams (Britney would like three more kids and no more husbands, please), and naturally veered into weird-sex-talk territory. Hey, remember the good old days when S&M did not involve tickling? Britney sure does.

Watch Britney Spears Dish on Carpool Karaoke