Chvrches Dedicates a Song to Harambe, Proves Even Scottish Synth-Pop Bands Care About Cincinnati Gorillas

Weeks after the Harambe memes clogged up everybody’s social-media feeds, just to then disappear and crop up again, Chvrches dedicated a song to the gone, but definitely not forgotten, Cincinnati Zoo gorilla. The group was performing in the annual Reading Festival when band member Martin Doherty exclaimed, “R.I.P. Harambe” before launching into “Under the Tide,” their 2013 song that was almost certainly not about the primate. With this dedication, Chvrches not only proves to the world that they are indeed a bunch of young people who know about the internet, but also puts themselves in the running to be talked about by the Fox News anchor who has been obsessed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ interaction with another, still living, gorilla. See you on “Greg’s Music News,” Chvrches.

Watch Chvrches Dedicate a Song to Harambe