Drake Got Rihanna on a Flight Overseas to Perform ‘Too Good’ Together for the First Time

For as long as Rihanna and Drake have supposedly been romantically involved, she has never done him the favor of performing at his annual OVO Festival in Toronto. But Sunday night, Rih got as high as his expectations, hopped on a flight overseas from France, and broke his six-year drought. She returned to the city that blessed us with two “Work” videos on Sunday night, performing “Needed Me” and “Bitch Better Have My Money,” before moving on to “Work” and the live debut of “Too Good” with her work bae. She’s so good to him, she even pretends to get flustered at the mere sight of him and flubs her lyrics. “That’s how you know it’s real!” Drake squeals. Nope, that’s how you steer a ship.

Watch Drake and Rihanna Perform ‘Too Good’