Drake and YG’s New Video Should Be a PSA for Always Wearing Your Seat Belt

Warning: The driving you are about to see in this video should only be attempted if you (a) are a professional driver (b) own something other than a Lamborghini, or (c) aren’t a dumb ass. Unfortunately, Drake and YG missed the memo, so in their video for “Why You Always Hatin’?” they decided to literally throw caution to the wind and go on a joyride around L.A. Cruising around on top of a Lambo while your driver barely has his hands on the wheel — what could possibly go wrong? The lesson here: Be more like Oakland up-and-comer Kamaiyah and kick back with a glass of bubbly while getting your feet massaged. That’s the way to live your best (and safest) life. Cheers!

Watch Drake and YG’s ‘Why You Always Hatin?’ Vid