Kendall Jenner Prefers Khloé, Cries at Marley and Me, Claims Her Spirit Animal Is Tupac Shakur

Kendall Jenner is the latest celeb to take part in Vogue’s wonderfully surreal “73 Questions” series, following in the footsteps of stars like Reese Witherspoon and Derek Zoolander. While giving us a tour of the Kardashian Komplex, Jenner comes up with a few more good K-names, reveals that Kim “can do everything with her toes,” explains how she’s related to Gigi Hadid, says something not-super-woke about Tupac, and has a few bizarre interactions with Kris Jenner, who of course wasn’t about to let a golden cameo opportunity go to waste. Kendall Jenner, always a good sport.

Watch Kendall Jenner Answer Vogue’s 73 Questions