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Hulu’s Shut Eye Teaser: Think of It As Psych’s Gritty and Intimidating Older Brother

In tandem with its other new release, Hugh Laurie’s Chance, Hulu has unveiled a teaser for its new psychic drama Shut Eye. This original series follows a failed-magician-turned-scammer (not Gob Bluth) who operates a small chain of fortune-telling storefronts for a crime family’s psychic empire in Los Angeles. (He may dabble in other contracted “tricks” for the family, too. Or as Gob would say, “an illusion, Michael.”) But when he gets a nasty blow to the head from a client’s boyfriend, he suddenly begins to see and feel some very real and fundamental truths. Starring Jeffrey Donovan and Isabella Rossellini, the series will premiere on December 7.

Watch the Teaser For Hulu’s New Show Shut Eye