Tove Lo Drops ‘Cool Girl’ Video and, Whoops, Now We’re All Bald (Especially Her)

Anything Gone Girl’s Amy can do, Tove Lo can do cooler. And that includes losing her mind at a crappy motel in the middle of nowhere. Where Amy merely gave herself a bad dye job and put on some weight in her disappearance hoax, Tove went ahead and shaved her whole damn head. Well, in the video for her Gone Girl appreciation song, “Cool Girl,” anyway. And like Amy, this, too, is not where Tove’s story ends. Once she’s done straddling car roofs and glass coffins, you’ll notice this video gets a cliffhanger of sorts, most likely to be revisited before Tove’s sophomore album, Lady Wood, drops on October 28. Is she the victim or murderess? To be continued!

Watch Tove Lo’s ‘Cool Girl’ Video