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Samantha Bee Sent Larry Wilmore a Lot of Wine to Help Him Cope With the End of The Nightly Show

Larry Wilmore seems to have taken the Cersei Lannister approach to the cancellation of The Nightly Show, burning down Comedy Central for its “unblackening” while delicately sipping a cup of the good stuff. On his show last night, Wilmore revealed that late-night compatriot Samantha Bee sent him and his staff cases of wine as a parting gift. “We had so many plans for tonight,” he said. “We were going to write this big, fun show. But you know, due to the general ennui of just being canceled, general laziness, and the fact that Samantha Bee sent us three cases of wine …” Wilmore trailed off as he brought a glass to his lips. “Mmmm … That’s some basic-cable wine,” he added later, which is good, because due to FCC regulations, network-TV wine is prune juice, and pay-per-view wine, well, you don’t want to know.

Wilmore Toasts Nightly Show With Sam Bee’s Wine