Season Four of The Eric André Show Will Put A$AP Rocky and Friends Through the Rapper Ninja Warrior Challenge

The general idea of The Eric André Show is: Anything can happen. Actress Kristanna Loken could show up and do stand-up non-comedy. Ryan Phillippe could receive the Pencil Award for Best Actor, or Demi Lovato could endure the most awkward interview of her life as André and his co-host, Hannibal Buress, eat spaghetti next to her while dressed in formalwear. So it only makes sense that for the season-four premiere of the show, rappers Danny Brown, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, A$AP Rocky, and Go Dreamer would appear to compete in the Rapper Ninja Warrior Challenge. All participants must freestyle rap while walking blindfolded through a tiny obstacle course that includes a kiddie pool with snakes, a balance beam with mousetraps below it, and a swinging ball gauntlet, among other bizarre irritations. As Open Mike enters the course he raps that this is “something I shouldn’t have agreed to,” and considering he’s about to get thrown through a false wall by a gladiator with a jousting bat in his hands, he’s probably right. And despite the fact that Go Dreamer opens by saying he’s “balling on your bitch ass,” he makes a pretty poor showing. Better not write checks with your mouth that your ass can’t cash, Dreamer.

Witness the Rapper Ninja Warrior Challenge