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Oliver Stone Stars in a PSA About Silencing Your Phone in Theaters — Oh, and How Your Phone Will Ruin Your Life

Oliver Stone does not make funny movies, but as his new film Snowden, a very serious drama about our government spying on us and the one man who dared to blow a whistle, nears its theatrical release, the director apparently wants us to know that he’s got a sense of humor — you know, when he’s not making historical dramas about the most influential and depressing people and moments in American history. In this PSA about respecting the movie-going experience (that’s probably the best thing he’s done since Nixon), Stone asks viewers to turn off their cell phones by enumerating the dangers of those tiny computers we all carry in our hands. “It allows certain parties to track your moves every time you make a call, send a text,” Stone warns. “We are giving them access. The information you’ve put out into the world — voluntarily — is enough to burn your life … to the ground.” Watch out, Kevin Hart! Oliver Stone is coming for your title of America’s comedy king.

Your Phone Can Ruin Your Life, Says Oliver Stone