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Zac Efron’s Baywatch Character Is Surprisingly Similar to Ryan Lochte

Efron and Lochte. Photo: Getty Images

Zac Efron has another Olympian connection: the Wrap reports that Efron’s character’s backstory in the upcoming Baywatch movie is an unintentional retelling of the saga of Ryan Lochte, who recently embarked on an apology tour after it was discovered that his claims he was robbed at gunpoint in Rio were fabricated to cover up drunken vandalism. Like Lochte, Efron’s character is reportedly an Olympic swimmer who becomes embroiled in controversy after committing a crime, a source who spoke under the condition of anonymity told the Wrap. Rather than go on Dancing With the Stars, Efron’s character will try to redeem himself by working as a lifeguard for community service. Previously, Efron was assumed to have based the character on a partially melted He-Man action figure.

Zac Efron’s Baywatch Character Revealed