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Dear Hollywood, Please Make Ali Wong and Randall Park’s Dream Rom-Com

Also, a You’ve Got Mail-like movie would be good, too. Photo: Getty Images

Hi, Hollywood. We’d just like to inform you of a movie that we think you should make. In The New Yorker’s profile of comedian and Fresh Off the Boat writer Ali Wong, she mentions she and Randall Park have been talking about making a romantic comedy for years, and describes the project as “our version of When Harry Met Sally.” Now, we at Vulture don’t ask for a lot, but we just wanted to chime in and say that this sounds like a great idea. Randall Park is very funny. Ali Wong is very funny. When Harry Met Sally is a good movie. There’s a paucity of good romantic roles for Asian-American actors. We very much enjoy watching funny people flirt with each other onscreen. In summary, studio executives, producers, directors, and people with more money to spend on movies than we do, please make this happen. Thanks.

Ali Wong and Randall Park Want to Make a Rom-Com