Anthony Atamanuik Is Taking Over ‘@midnight’ as Donald Trump This Week

The funniest and most terrifying Donald Trump impersonator of this election season is taking over for Chris Hardwick at @midnight this week. Comedy Central announced today that @midnight will air special episodes this week featuring Anthony Atamanuik as presidential candidate Donald Trump. To kick things off, Atamanuik took over the @midnight social channels for the day and answered fans’ questions in a Facebook Live video this afternoon, where he addressed his now-infamous interview with Jimmy Fallon from last week.

“We gotta think about Jimmy Fallon. What a shill, right? That guy. He humanized me and probably damaged the election for the whole country. I mean, would Jimmy Fallon be doing like a live interview at Auschwitz with Hitler in 1942? What’s up with that guy? Complete failure. Boring guy! He’s a totally boring guy,” Trump says. Also: “If I become president, NBC gets exclusive rights to all press questions, I can guarantee you that. That’s why they’re such softballs. That’s why Jimmy Fallon gave me a hand job.”

Check out Atamanuik’s Facebook Live video as Trump below, and watch his @midnight takeover every night this week at 11:30pm.

Anthony Atamanuik Is Taking Over ‘@midnight’ as Donald […]