do you want some kunis?

Russia Is Not Happy With the Cunning Language of the Bad Moms Ad Campaign

I mean, do you? Photo: STX Productions

Russia has had just about enough of those Bad Moms and their Bad Mom ways. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ad agencies in St. Petersburg have declined to place billboards for the outrageous film because of “alleged sexual implications.” They specifically object to the slogan “Do you want some Kunis?” as Mila Kunis’s last name sounds close to the Russian world for “cunnilingus.” (Per Google translate, that word is “куннилингус” or “kunnilingus”; Russian is fun!) Conservative city legislator Vitaly Milonov, meanwhile, has praised the ad agencies for “saving the city’s pride,” saying, “St. Petersburg is the cultural capital, and you shouldn’t bring all kinds of trash here.” A Russian TV station has also refused to air a commercial where Kunis’s character strokes a bare male torso. Kunis, who is the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, speaks fluent Russian, so perhaps she could head to St. Petersburg and clear things up. Though, to be fair, she does receive cunnilingus in Bad Moms, so it’s not like the ads are wrong.

Bad Moms Ad Campaign Is Too Bad for Russia