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Benedict Cumberbatch and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Perform ‘Comfortably Numb,’ and, Minus the Whole Comfortable Bit, That About Sums It Up

Benedict Cumberbatch may have made his name with a particularly cerebral je nais se quoi, but in his heart of hearts, he yearns for what all of us who have enjoyed a good Gene Kelly YouTube spiral yearn, for the vigor and talent of a song-and-dance man. The actor showed as much on Wednesday, hopping onstage during Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Cumberbatch sang lead on a verse of “Comfortably Numb” whilst simultaneously moving back and forth in a motion just vigorous enough to qualify as swaying. Okay, so by now you’ve got the gist and you’ve already seen the video up above and you have just one simple question: Is that my boyfriend Benedict performing with a major figure in rock-’n’-roll history, or am I being duped with visuals of a drunken area man doing mediocre karaoke? It is Benedict Cumberbatch, it is somewhat embarrassing, and you are going to be fine nonetheless, so just calm down already, please. After all, what is true love if it can’t pass a little test?

Benedict Cumberbatch Sings Pink Floyd