Here, Make Yourself a Drink While Watching Bill Murray Bartend and Pretend You Got to See Him in Real Life

Your dream of drinking directly from Bill Murray’s gentle hand still waits to be fulfilled, unless you were one of the lucky bastards who got into 21 Greenpoint last night. As rumored, Murray turned up for the opening of his son Homer’s bar, where he served up shots, sung loudly, and celebrated his boy’s success. “This is my firstborn son, Homer. I am so happy that he has not continued in the family business,” Murray said in a toast. “Instead, he has taken the joy of the family to have a drink, and have a meal, and have friends together in one place, and made it his life’s work. To my son, and his friends, and his work friends and all of his partners.” You still have the chance to be served by Murray at 21 Greenpoint tonight, but honestly, taking a shot of tequila while watching The Monuments Men is probably as close as you’re gonna get.

Bill Murray Bartends; You Pretend You’re There