That Bartender Who Looks Like Bill Murray Will Actually Be Bill Murray, If You Go to a Certain Bar in Brooklyn This Weekend

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage

Bill Murray has long had the worn but perpetually unfazed face of a man to whom you reveal all of your most sacred secrets, and now he’s got the vocation to match. This weekend, Murray will play barkeep at 21 Greenpoint, a new Brooklyn bar, making for the rare occasion when you think you see a famous older white dude in the wild and it is in fact that famous older white dude and not just, you know, a person. Murray’s drink-slinging comes courtesy of good ol’ nepotism, as one of 21 Greenpoint’s owners just so happens to be Homer Murray, Bill’s son. So now that you know that Bill Murray will be at 21 Greenpoint on September 16 and 17 (his shift starts at 7 p.m. sharp), that totally random and spontaneous Bill Murray run-in of yours isn’t going to meticulously plan itself.

Bill Murray Is Bartending in BK This Weekend