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Billie Joe Armstrong Explores the Question ‘What If I Was Just Some Schmo?’ in the New Ordinary World Trailer

Acting provides performers the opportunity to explore other worlds, other lives they will never get to live. Billie Joe Armstrong’s upcoming role in Ordinary World ponders the question, “What if I wasn’t in Green Day, one the most successful bands of all time, and still making albums well into my 40s? What if I was an aging punk who had to work in a hardware store?” The answer can only be found via one final hotel-room rager, just like the ol’ days. In addition to starring in the Lee Kirk film, due out October 14, Armstrong wrote original music for the soundtrack, including, you guessed it, a song called “Ordinary World.” No matter what path Bille Joe might have gone down, at least he knows one thing for sure: Fred Armisen will bankroll you a stripper at a moment’s notice.

Billie Joe Armstrong’s Ordinary World Trailer