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Comedy Legend Carol Burnett Can’t Pronounce ‘Galifianakis,’ But She Can Read Lips Better Than Jimmy Fallon

Many an octogenarian might have trouble with their hearing, but not comedy legend Carol Burnett, who looked quite spry during her visit to The Tonight Show. Still, proving that Burnett could adapt just fine should that sense start to dull, host Jimmy Fallon competed against Burnett in his lip-reading game “the Whisper Challenge,” in which Fallon abuses his elder by giving her headphones blasting really loud music and forcing her to try to sound out “Zach Galifianakis.” Burnett was quite good, and guessing the words Fallon was saying while she was wearing her headphones, except for thinking “Me Tarzan, You Jane” was “Piss Off” — but that just might have been a Freudian slip on her part. And really, if we were stuck trying to read impossible Greek names on national television, we’d throw out the occasional (and perfectly acceptable by current network standards) insult between laughs as well.

Carol Burnett Is Pretty Good at Reading Lips