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All 47 Earmuff Outfits Chanel No. 3 Has Worn on Scream Queens

The campy, foul-mouthed world of Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens returned for a second season on Fox last week, with a brand-new look — a hospital run by former university dean Cathy Munsch, two years after the terrorizing events of season one. But one thing that didn’t change is Chanel No. 3’s (Billie Lourd) penchant for wearing a colorful array of earmuffs, which she happily flaunts in 99.9 percent of the scenes she’s featured in. (We imagine Lourd’s mother, Carrie Fisher, is most certainly proud of this little homage.) Behold all of her fluffy, bejeweled creations from her crazed sorority and hospital days (thus far) in the slideshow, just in time for the cooling autumnal weather.

All of Chanel No. 3’s Earmuffs on Scream Queens