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Relatable Celebs Jessica Chastain and Elizabeth Banks Are Not Pleased About That The Night Of Finale

Photo: HBO

Stars, they’re just like us, and that includes screaming at fictional entities to please, please, make better choices. Jessica Chastain and Elizabeth Banks demonstrated as much on Wednesday, when they vented their frustrations about The Night Of’s finale, particularly its depiction of a female character, on Twitter. Chastain aired her criticism first, writing: “I was loving #TheNightOf until that final episode. Chandra becomes complete idiot overnight? Amara Karan (&women everywhere) deserved better.” She was referring to Chandra’s recent actions, wherein the lawyer — spoiler alert — kissed Naz (Riz Ahmed), her client, smuggled drugs for him, and made the ultimately bad move to have him testify at trial. It was a series of upsetting developments for those rooting for the competency of a female character, and not just because Naz is supposed to have the lock on terrible decisions.

Joining in on Chastain’s fury, Banks responded: “I was literally yelling NO at my tv every time she did something stupid.” Chastain agreed, tweeting back, “Me too! I was SCREAMING NO! I wanted to throw my laptop across the room. I kept it cool though & the computer is safe.” We assume Chastain and Banks have made plans to debrief further over brunch, because there’s nothing like shared indignation at prestige TV to mark the start of a beautiful friendship.

Chastain, Banks Are Mad About The Night Of