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Chris Pratt Talks Adorable Nonsense About The Magnificent Seven

2016 Toronto International Film Festival -
Pratt. Photo: Mike Windle/Getty Images

What the darn heck was Chris Pratt talking about at The Magnificent Seven press conference yesterday at the Toronto Film Festival? Who knows! But it was adorable, which is a good thing because Denzel Washington was answering every question with three words, and director Antoine Fuqua kept refusing to take the journalists’ bait and talk about the film’s diversity. So what great wisdom did Pratt drop?

Always have fun with microphones.
“Is this on? I have to get close! [super-loud feedback] I have a hard time seeing. What is it? A couple hundred-thousand of you out there?” he said to the room with no more than 100 people in it, then went back to shouting. “Is this too close? Is this too loud?”

Try on clothes like you’re 5 years old again.
“We got to go into a wardrobe room with a ton of cowboy shit. And be like, ‘Let me see that hat? No, not that hat. Ohhh, this is SWEET. Look at that vest!’”

Don’t get too pretentious with your influences.
As Fuqua listed off Seven Samurai and The Wild Bunch as influences, Pratt interjected with the movies he’d watched to prepare:
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Wayne’s World 2. Part 2 was more poignant.”

This stuff that made no sense about how The Magnificent Seven not a remake:
“There’s like, I don’t know how many movies in the world — what would you guess? Several hundred-thousand? Maybe millions of movies? Eventually you just run out of names. You know, if I have a son named Chad is he a remake of somebody else who was named Chad?”

You can never take a movie title too literally.
So what if Pratt thinks Fuqua’s version is much more like The Wild Bunch than the 1960 version of The Magnificent Seven? The title is awesome, and it fits. “It’s a bunch of guys, seven of us, and we’re fucking magnificent.”

Never change, Pratty-Pants. Never change.

Chris Pratt Talks Adorable Nonsense