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Rebecca Hall Stars As Christine Chubbuck, the Newscaster Who Committed Suicide on Live TV, in Christine Trailer

In the years since newscaster Christine Chubbuck committed suicide by shooting herself in the head on live TV, the 1974 broadcast of the event has become noteworthy for reasons that have little to do with Chubbuck herself. As Chubbuck’s final act took place on a local and little-seen news show, an internet intrigue formed around attempts to find and view the footage. Now, the woman herself, and not just the moment of her death, is being examined in the drama Christine. Rebecca Hall stars as Chubbuck, while Michael C. Hall co-stars as her co-worker and the man she loves. Christine, which will be released October 14, is one of two projects about Chubbuck emerging this year; the other is Kate Plays Christine, a documentary about actress Kate Lyn Sheil playing the part of Chubbuck. Watch the trailer for Christine, which follows Chubbuck from lighter times through her depression and ultimate televised death, above.

Christine Trailer Tells Christine Chubbuck Story