Coolio Says LAX Gun Arrest Was a ‘Little Misunderstanding’ After TSA Finds a Stolen Gun in His Carry-On

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Here you were, worried about TSA spotting something silly in your luggage, like your water bottle or your contact solution or your extensive collection of vibrators. But don’t worry: Coolio has it worse. The rapper not only brought a stolen weapon into Los Angeles International Airport, but he left his traveling companion holding the bag with the weapon inside. The as-yet-unnamed man was holding Coolio’s bag when he learned he was inadvertently transporting a loaded gun through LAX security. Coolio had already boarded his plane when his bodyguard was stopped with the gun; the pair were subsequently arrested for possession of a stolen loaded firearm. According to TMZ, the member of Coolio’s security team initially tried to claim ownership of the gun before it was determined that the other items in the bag belonged to the rapper himself. Coolio later posted a video for his fans thanking them for their support, filming the message at a P.F. Chang’s, where he inadvertently brought a crossbow that shoots flaming arrows in a rolling backpack, probably.

Coolio Says Gun Arrest Was a ‘Misunderstanding’