heaven must be missing an angel

Corey Feldman Seems to Be Satisfied With His Today Performance, and Really That’s The Only Thing That Matters

While you might have only seen half of Corey Feldman’s Today show performance yesterday (the other half having been obscured by your trembling fingers as you watched it through your hands), Feldman himself took it all in and seems to feel pretty, pretty, pretty good about his immediately viral dance. “OH WELL! I GUESS THE ANGELS N I DID R JOBS #GO4IT,” the Stand by Me star replied to a headline that proclaimed: “People can’t stop talking about Corey Feldman’s performance.” Hopefully the Twitter reaction will help provide Corey’s Angels with the opportunities, dreams, and realities Feldman hoped to provide for them. For example, the opportunity to wear clothes that aren’t from the Halloween store.

Corey Feldman Satisfied With Today Performance