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Danny McBride and James Corden Recreated Michael Bolton and Kenny G’s Grammys Duet, Because Why Not?

If there’s a surefire takeaway to be had from Danny McBride’s body of work, it’s that if there’s an excuse for a dumb hairdo, that man will find it. And find it he did on Thursday’s The Late Late Show, where he donned the voluminous spirals of Kenny G to James Corden’s Michael Bolton. McBride and Corden recreated the classic performance of “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” by those “two contemporary artists” at the 1990 Grammys, even keeping the original audience-reaction shots (Hi Cyndi, hi Michael!) intact. With art like this, it’s best not to question why and, instead, to simply enjoy the jam. In case you couldn’t tell them apart, that’s McBride and Corden’s rendition above, while — so as to best facilitate your comparison and scrutiny — the original lies below.

Danny McBride and James Corden Redo Classic Duet