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Donald Glover, Like You During Karaoke, Proves That You Don’t Have to Know the Lyrics to Seal’s ‘Kiss From a Rose’ to Sing It Anyway

Little known fact: Seal makes up a new set of lyrics to “Kiss From a Rose” every single time he sings it. That’s why the words you do know seem so insane; they are all improvised by Seal in a moment of total panic. “But did you know that when it snows / My eyes become large”? Can you imagine how embarrassed Seal is that people seem to remember that particular set of sputtered words? While visiting The Late Late Show With James Corden, Donald Glover serenaded us with a dulcet collection of sounds, which, as a whole, legally qualifies as Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose.” As always, Donald Glover remains your power, your pleasure, your pain.

Donald Glover Sings ‘Kiss From a Rose,’ Kinda