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Drake Bell Sentenced to 96 Hours in Jail for DUI Conviction

Photo: 2016 Getty Images/WireImage

What would Josh think? Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell has been sentenced to 96 hours in a Los Angeles county jail for his second DUI conviction, TMZ reports. Bell struck a plea deal for the sentence, which will also find him placed on four years of probation and required to attend an alcohol-education program. The conviction stemmed from the actor-musician being arrested on suspicion of DUI last December, when the Los Angeles Times reported that Bell was pulled over for veering between lanes, speeding, and stopping abruptly at a traffic light. He netted a formal, one-count charge of driving under the influence in January; his first DUI conviction occurred in San Diego in 2009. It’s undisclosed when he’ll begin to serve his sentence.

Drake Bell Receives 96-Hour Sentence for DUI