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Drake and Rihanna Had a Do-Over of Their VMAs Kiss

Photo: marziipantz/Instagram

The first time Drake tried to kiss Rihanna in public this week, it didn’t go so well. In fact, it went so poorly that the rapper was forced to take to Instagram to prove that the two of them really are dating. On Wednesday night, though, Drake finally got his redemption, bringing out Rihanna for the Miami stop of his Summer Sixteen tour, where the two of them shared what the tabloids are calling their first onstage kiss. In case you wanted further proof that they’ve been dating for a while, look closely at this kiss. This is not a “first blush of young love” kiss; this is a “Gotta pick up some milk, okay, love you” kiss. And unlike the VMAs kiss, this one works from every angle:

Drake, Rihanna Had a Do-Over of Their VMAs Kiss