Watch Ariana Grande Curl Up in a Ball of Embarrassment When Ellen Asks About Her Boyfriend, Mac Miller

Explaining your new relationship to your mother never gets easier, especially when it’s America’s Most Embarrassing Mom, Ellen DeGeneres, quizzing you on your rapper boyfriend for all the world to side-eye. In which case, the only appropriate response is to shrivel up and die of awkwardness. Here lies the body of Ariana Grande, whose relationship with Mac Miller is so new, Ellen had to dig for the truth until it killed her. She even brought the receipts! “You said, ‘Oh you know, I’m his homie.’ And now he’s living in your homie,” Ellen says with a fatal smirk. Witness the dread consuming Ariana as she tries to seek refuge inside her coat. “This is so crazy. I’ve never had the relationship talk on a show before,” Ariana says, begging for mercy. But if you think that’s bad, just wait until you see her attempt to also have the sex talk with Ellen.

Ellen Embarrasses Ariana Grande About Mac Miller