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Evangeline Lilly and Adam Scott Board Netflix Horror Comedy Little Evil

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Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Pretty soon, Netflix is going to have to choose between streaming other people’s property and making their own, because at the rate they are whipping up new original programming, the internet is just going to run out of room. Variety reports that the studio-network-service-monolith has just signed Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly to co-star in Little Evil, a horror-comedy about a couple who realizes their kid is a problem child. And by that we mean Gary (Scott) is concerned that the 6-year-old son of his lovely new wife (Lilly) might be the Antichrist. Someone queue up the silly slide whistle! And here’s the really good news: Little Evil will be written and directed by Eli Craig, who made the purely wonderful Tucker and Dale vs Evil in 2010, one of the flat-out best horror-comedies ever. If Craig can replicate even half that magic for Netflix, this movie stands a chance at being fantastic. Stay tuned, and keep your fingers crossed for Alan Tudyk being cast in a supporting role.

Evangeline Lilly, Adam Scott Board Horror Comedy