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Fifth Harmony’s That’s My Girl Video Questionably Takes Place in a War-Ravaged City Full of Injured Bystanders

Hey, you know, maybe 2016 was just not the year to set a series of choreographed dance routines in a smoky, bombed-out shell of a city. Fifth Harmony released the video for “That’s My Girl” today, and the basic plot involves the group arriving, sexy-superhero style, to twirl, sing, and rescue a myriad of injured citizens who lie sprawled in the streets, desperate for help, after some horrible unnamed incident. You’d think somewhere in the filming process someone might have wondered out loud, “Hey, do people really want to see Fifth Harmony literally dancing in the rubble of a war-ravaged city? People watch the news, right?”

We open on a razed city where people are obviously dying and maimed.

Fortunately for the hurt and dying populous huddled terrified in their ruined cars, however, Fifth Harmony does arrive to save them. To save them, and, of course, to dance.

In fact, Fifth Harmony use their flag routines to beckon the stunned citizenry to the safety of their Jeep.

They also dance in a cave.

Fifth Harmony also convene in an abandoned building, where the dust from whatever disaster recently took place still shifts slowly down from the ceiling.

Here’s Fifth Harmony again, shaking it next to a shelled-out car and a toppled-over mailbox on a sunny, demolished street.

Eventually the group’s collective magic flies up into the air and the city is safe to writhe another day.

And the people’s butt, at least for a moment, can finally be free.

Fifth Harmony are accompanied by many, many shots of a devastated cityscape, in case you felt comfortable.

At least we know this dystopian nightmare actually takes place in some far-distant fictional nightmarescape, as indicated by this shot of a lady’s Mad Max googles.

The song is great, though.

Fifth Harmony Release Their That’s My Girl Video