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This Awkward Finding Prince Charming Kiss Is What Gay Reality-TV Dreams Are Made Of

Welcome to the awkward kissing portion of Finding Prince Charming! Lovelorn bachelor Robert Sepúlveda Jr. has already given smooches to Frankie Grande look-alike contest winner Justin, and it appears Paul will get some upper-mouth action in tonight’s episode. Paul, you’ll remember, was dangerously close to going home because he made the faux pas of saying he tended to date guys shorter than him. [Insert scream emoji.] Fortunately, in this exclusive clip to Vulture, we see that he and Robert have overcome their height differences to share their first kiss.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t overanalyze this little vignette. First, the approach: Robert pulls the classic teenage move of Oh, why don’t you show me your bedroom, under the guise that Paul would be more “comfortable” in the makeshift room he shares with other men. After Paul opens up about how he hasn’t dated anyone since his fiancé committed suicide last Thanksgiving — a truly unimaginable tragedy — Robert reacts with the same equanimity he has shown since emerging from the ocean like a gay James Bond. “He would want me to find love again,” Paul says. “I haven’t met anyone like you before.”

Suddenly, the action: Our Prince Charming goes in for the kiss! He is masterful in his approach, his right hand ready to take Paul’s face into his. As we saw last week, Prince Charming is definitely a pecker — someone who enjoys short, lip-oriented kisses — whereas it seems Paul is much more of a tongue guy. Can these two lovebirds make it work? Well, you’ll just have to suck it up and watch tonight.

Finding Prince Charming Has Awkward Kiss