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See ScarJo’s Cyborg Abilities at Work in the Latest Ghost in the Shell Teaser

From the start, the film adaptation of Ghost in the Shell has been something of a beleaguered production, plagued by fandom concerns about changes to the original manga series and, more disconcertingly, by accusations of whitewashing. Those controversies might be what you think about when you watch the latest teaser, released in time for the Super Bowl, for Ghost in the Shell. Or, you might think, huh. From the teasers, we can see that Ghost in the Shell stars Scarlett Johansson, and that Scarlett Johansson has some super-powerful camouflage abilities. Also, this film seems to take place in Tokyo, which really doesn’t help the whole casting-a-white-actress-in-a-Japanese-property problem. Watch the rest of the teasers below, which do not clue you into the fact that Johansson plays a cyborg policewoman in the year 2029, though that is also true. Cryptic stuff. Creepy stuff. Confusing stuff. Maybe you’ll get answers, and maybe you won’t, when the film premieres on March 31, 2017.

See ScarJo in a Ghost in the Shell Teaser