The Weinstein Company Is Making an Elvis Mini-series Starring Whichever Actor Really Wants an Emmy

Elvis Presley portrait with acoustic guitar
You ain’t nothing but valuable IP. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

After Vinyl and Roadies proved that rock and roll does so well on TV, the Weinstein Company has decided to go all-in on a massive event series that will chronicle the life of Elvis Presley. The ten-part biographical series, made in conjunction with the Presley estate (ensuring that the company will get access to Presley’s music and the ability to shoot at Graceland) will do a “thorough exploration into a remarkable life.” TWC also produced other award-winning — [cough] and boooring [cough] — biopics like The Imitation Game and The King’s Speech, so expect many accolades for whichever actor dares to have his singing and gyration abilities compared to those of the King.

Get Ready for an Elvis TV Biopic