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Started From the Burrow, Now We’re Here: The Groundhog Day Musical Will Premiere on Broadway Next Year

Bill Murray And Andie MacDowell In 'Groundhog Day
Photo: Archive Photos/Getty Images

Move over, Hamilton. Broadway has a new production in store. According to the A.V. Club, the Groundhog Day musical that’s been a favorite in London will make its U.S. debut on Broadway in April, playing at the August Wilson Theater. Before the show came to London, the Groundhog Day musical was in the works for several years, but it only became a reality when Danny Rubin, a co-writer of the original Bill Murray film with Harold Ramis, was brought onboard to write the show’s book. The production will also have a lot of the same creative team as the Matilda musical, and Andy Karl, who stars in the London version, is reportedly expected to reprise his role as the Bill Murray character.

The Groundhog Day Musical Is Coming to Broadway