Jane Will Lose Her Virginity on This Season of Jane the Virgin, and It Better Be With [Insert Love Interest You Prefer]

Chapter Forty-Four
The correct answer is Michael. Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW Network

Jane Gloriana Villanueva, or rather Jane Villaneuva Cordero, is going to be a virgin no more. In an interview with EW, Jane the Virgin showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman revealed that Jane will lose her virginity this year. “It’s in the first half of the season,” she said, “and it’s quite a big episode for us.” Now, if this all takes place in the first half of the season, then it seems that Michael might still be recovering from his gunshot wounds and out of commission. Jane doesn’t seem like one to sleep with Rafael out of the blue, especially if she’s grieving — though, shudder at the thought, maybe she would if she thinks Michael is dead. Snyder also mentions that Jane will meet someone from her past, before she met Michael, which brings up the possibility of the classic love-triangle out they pulled on Felicity. There, she hooked up with some random art student played by Simon Rex in a fit of passion and oh my God, Felicity, what were you doing?

Anyway, we look forward to the continued adventures of Jane the Protagonist Formerly Known As Virgin.

Jane the Virgin’s Jane Is Going to Have Sex