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Jared Leto Loses Lawsuit Over That Taylor Swift Video, Must Now Insult Taylor Swift in Private Like a Normal Person

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

As Taylor Swift herself once basically said, “Now we’ve got (copyright) problems / I don’t think we can solve them (due to legal nuances of video-copyright law).” Almost ten months after Jared Leto filed a lawsuit against TMZ for publishing a video of the actor riffing on the “Shake It Off” singer, a judge has ruled that there is no legal standing for the actor’s suit against the site. When Leto filed the copyright-infringement lawsuit, he described the clip as “stolen footage.” However, according to a U.S. District Court Judge, it was videographer Naeem Munaf who filmed the Suicide Squad actor declaring, “I don’t give a fuck about her,” during a conversation about Taylor Swift in his home. As Munaf used his own camera and was not an employee of Leto at the time, the footage was legally Munaf’s and he could do whatever he wanted with it, and what he did was was sell it to TMZ for $2,000. The moral of the story? If you are constantly being filmed in your own home by one or more of your terrible friends, don’t say anything about Taylor Swift you might later regret.

Jared Leto Loses Lawsuit Over Taylor Swift Video