Lawsuit Claims Jim Carrey Gave Girlfriend Cathriona White the Drugs She Overdosed On

Jim Carrey's on-off girlfriend reportedly commits suicide in LA *FILE PHOTOS*
White and Carrey. Photo: NIGNY / Splash News

Jim Carrey is being sued for allegedly giving girlfriend Cathriona White the prescription drugs she used in her 2015 suicide, Variety reports. In the suit, Mark Burton, who was married to White at the time of her death, claims that Carrey obtained drugs like oxycodone, propranolol, and Ambien under a false name and gave them to White despite being aware of her history of depression, making him legally culpable for her death under California’s Drug Dealer Liability Act. Burton also alleges that Carrey and his assistant had access to security cameras that showed White had not left her home for days before her body was found, but failed to notify the authorities. In a statement, Carrey categorically denied Burton’s allegations, calling them a “heartless attempt to exploit me [and] the woman I loved.”

Jim Carrey Sued Over Girlfriend’s Suicide