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Jimmy Fallon Helps You Say Good-bye to Michael Phelps Olympic Memes, Forever

Well, the time has finally arrived. From this moment forward, we will no longer enjoy any Michael Phelps Olympic memes. Rio was the last time the most decorated Olympian of all time will compete at an Olympic Games, so there shall be no more jokes about his poolside snarl. No more riffs on the insane amount of food he must eat to sustain his superhuman body. Now if we get a Michael Phelps meme, it’ll be because his baby Boomer got anesthesia at the dentist and said something adorable, or Michael Phelps decides to launch a rap career or maybe, just maybe, Michael Phelps falls off a platform while stomping grapes on a local news program. The world of non-Olympic memes is your oyster, Michael Phelps, which is ironic because oysters are also his main source of nutrition.

Jimmy Fallon Gifts Michael Phelps His Own Face