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Joe Biden Tells Jimmy Fallon What Amazes Him About Donald Trump, You Know, Not in the Good Way

Sure, it’s all good and easy for those of us sitting at home to have an opinion about who claimed a decisive victory at the first presidential debate. But, much with professional sports, wouldn’t we be better served with color commentary from someone who’s been through it? Our estimable VP Joe Biden stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday to give his take, and he for one thought that Donald Trump was “amazing” — you know, insofar as historic incidents of boastful profiteering and tax evading do indeed shock and awe. Biden also compared the debates to Jeopardy — easy to play at home — except for how on the game show the stakes are not winning money, whereas in this other case, they’re, well, the country, so you better answer in the form of a question like your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness depend upon it.

Joe Biden Explains How Debates Are Like Jeopardy