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John Legend and Stevie Wonder Re-created ‘Hey Ya’ Music Video on Lip Sync Battle

During Sunday night’s Lip Sync Battle — when merman Michael Phelps wasn’t attempting to prove that he can move outside of the water to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” — John Legend and Stevie Wonder were shaking it like a Polaroid picture to Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” To re-create the music video that played approximately 30 times a day on MTV back in 2003, Legend channeled André 3000’s most prominent persona in the music video (3000 played nearly all the parts in it) with suspenders and the rest of his leprechaun-meets-Urkel-in-the-1960s garb and a wig. Also, like the original video, which itself was inspired by the Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, the band was introduced by a British gent in a straw hat (here, Stephen Merchant) and the back-up singers wear equestrian gear (riding hat and cropped green pants). Stevie Wonder seemed to leave his Andre 3000 cosplay at home, but we’ll give the music icon a pass this time

John Legend & Stevie Wonder Lip-Synced ‘Hey Ya’